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Khala Cloths Expands into Khala & Company

Now Offering More Ways to Eliminate Plastic and Food Waste

May 3rd, 2019 – Boulder, CO – what was once Khala Cloths, a Boulder, Colorado based company that focused on handcrafted beeswax and vegan wax based reusable food wraps, is now Khala & Company: an expanded business mission to embrace the power of natural materials to cultivate zero waste possibilities for all.

Khala & Co. Logo

An Evolution into Further Solutions 

The evolution into Khala (which means “food” in Tibetan) & Company was realized when after two years into their business, co-founders, Tamar and Asa McKee, saw how much their wax-based reusable, washable, compostable Khala Cloths helped people replace single-use plastic when wrapping and storing their food and decided they could be doing even more.

What does this “more” look like? In addition to their award-winning beeswax and vegan wax wraps, Khala and Company now offers 100% made-in-the-U.S.A. Khala Cloth Bags that people can use to purchase bulk foods and produce to avoid plastic packaging at the point of sale. These bags are made from the same organic hemp-cotton fabric adorned with original artwork designs that are used to make Khala Cloths – minus the wax. Of this ingredient omission, founder Asa McKee points out: 

“Khala Cloths wax wraps can already be folded into a bag to replace plastic baggies and such, and we have a great video on our website to demonstrate! But unlike pre-made bags, our folded bags can come completely undone and be thoroughly washed – no working around food that gets caught in seams with just a hand-wash. Of our non-waxed Khala Cloth bags, you can just turn them inside out and toss them in your washing machine to come out totally clean.” 

Rounding out Khala and Company’s debut offerings of zero waste provisions are eKo Twists, organic and compostable alternatives to twist ties; and Mechak hemp wick firestarters that outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and hippies alike will appreciate for catching a clean, long-burning fire to replace the need for any plastic or butane.

Continued Commitment and Impact

In the midst of this expansion and transformation, Khala & Company sees even more opportunity to follow their passion and concerns for the environment – especially when it comes to their homebase in Colorado. Already members of 1% for the Planet to amplify their charitable giving to environmentally-based non-profits, as well as Green America to certify their sustainable business practices, Khala and Company will continue to build on the commitments and successes that were put in place with Khala Cloths. Only now, Khala & Company is even better provisioned to help folks break free from plastic and curb food waste, from the kitchen to the campsite and all points in-between.

Where to Find 

Khala and Company’s zero waste provisions can be purchased from our website and zero waste retailers across Colorado and the United States. 

Overhead shot of various Khala Cloths in use on a white background