We thank you for your patience on your orders as we are reeling from the impact of the Marshall Fire.

Khala & CO ~ how we are navigating COVID-19 & how you can help

Wrapping without waste. Preserving without plastic. Conserving with conscience and creativity.  

This has been our motto from day 1. It matters more than ever now, as Khala & Company rides this tide of great global change due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  How can we not only stay in business, but continue to #honoryourfood by craft-manufacturing zero waste provisions like our Khala Cloths & more? We have a small-yet-amazing staff we want to keep employed and supported - as well as continue to fulfill our mission for our beloved community:

 to provision people & communities

with the resources & knowledge

to eliminate plastic & food waste

in honor of the planet’s future.


As small business owners, we have been fortunate to be able to use our livelihood as a platform for being the change we wish to see in the world. We will continue our eco-warrior ways, no matter what tomorrow brings. But we’d rather do it with you, our Khala Community! So here’s our blog thoughts about how we are navigating COVID-19 and how you can help:


1)   We have a small staff - as in no more than 6 at a time which is under the limit of 10 people in a gathering as of 3/19/20. We work in a spacious, brand new facility with 26 foot ceilings. One of the main social distancing moves we can make is to eat lunch together beyond the 5ft circular table we usually do.

2)   Hand washing and glove wearing have always been our norm. Wax can be sticky, so we obsessively clean and inspect, and are fortunate to do so in a brand new facility.

3)   Doing a major revenue pivot in a time of year where we usually prepare for weekly markets and festivals (now banned from happening in our home state of Colorado and beyond). Instead, we are taking this as a great opportunity to attend to our digital reach – and by your reading this right now, we are connecting!


As a thank you for being there for us and other small businesses, we are offering a





With food a precious source right now, you can extend the life of it by 5-6 days by wrapping it in our Khala Cloths and bags, or sealing it with our eKo twists. Especially by better preserving perishable items, you can better stagger your grocery store visits or make locally-sourced food orders last longer.


4)   If you were an advocate of our zero waste provisions before, we’d really love to see your LOVE now! With a little more time on our hands, we can all leave (positive, if truly earned) reviews for local businesses that not only need the revenue but the public support to get through these uncertain times. Whether it is through websites, social media, direct emails and phone calls, let your small businesses know you love and appreciate them! 


5)   SPREAD that digital love – SHARE posts, promotions, and provisions with your friends, family, and community! We may be practicing social distancing, but we humans have plenty of ways to still keep in touch and support each other. We need it now more than ever!


6) Advocate for small business support on a governmental level. States need to be encouraged to declare disaster and establish relief plans as does the federal government. This is an across-the-aisle necessity that you can do from the convenience of your smartphone, computer, or good old-fashioned letter writing. HERE is what we are doing in Colorado, and Khala & Company has been at the forefront of creating and tracking these important relief measures.


Every day brings a new set of circumstances, and we are riding them with tons of patience and compassion for those struggling and striving right alongside us. We are heartened by the opportunity to slow down, ground, re-connect, and take stock. We are paying attention to how the earth is responding to the unwinding of the human-generated manic-ness.  We are hoping that above all else, that you all be well, for we will an incredible opportunity for rejuvenation awaiting us at the diminishing of this curve.

Thank you, Tamar and Asa McKee Co-Founders