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Nude Packaging is Here!

You asked, Khala answered! We have begun our journey into ‘nude packaging to help you go even more zero wasteWill you join us? 


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How did this begin? 

Every year, containers and product packaging make up the majority of landfill and pollution waste, reaching over 80 million tons in recent years. In America, about 3 million plastic bottles are thrown away each hour, and it takes hundreds of years for this plastic to be properly decomposed. Did you know that nearly 1/3 of an average landfill dump consists of packaging and that 65% of household trash is packaging materials? How detrimental is that to our environment and living conditions to continue this way?! 

Because of this issue, nude or ‘naked’ packaging has become a more viable option to consumers. In 2017, Lush launched their Naked Packaging campaign and now around 35% of their products are purchased completely package free, setting the bar for other brands to follow. Whether you have been living zero waste for years or have made it your 2021 Resolution to begin your zero-waste journey, cutting out packaging in the products you purchase can help make a difference for our planet’s future.  


Why is Khala & Company offering nude packaging? 

Americans throw away $11.4 billion worth of recyclable packaging every year. In the year 2018 alone, over 82,000 tons of packaging were generated, recycled and composted. This number has doubled since the 1970’s and is on track to increase more rapidly if we don’t take matters into our own hands. On top of that, US businesses use over 20 million tons of paper each year. By offering the elimination of our packaging, we hope to make a small but meaningful impact. Reducing waste like this will create more room for trash in landfills that previously would have been floating around our environment, ending up in places like the ocean and posing threats to our wildlife, our environment and human life.  

Studies show that nearly half of paper products used worldwide are for packaging, and not nearly enough of it is being reused and recycled. The production of paper has many negative environmental impacts on our forests, water and air quality, greenhouse emissions and many other ecosystems. It is becoming more and more important to explore other options to paper, as the fossil fuel energy use in the paper manufacturing process makes up around 21.7% of paper production’s climate impactWhile Khala currently offers 100% post-consumer packaging that is recyclable and compostablewe know that many of our consumers want to take that next step towards zero waste.  


How do you order your Khala zero waste provisions with nude packaging? 

We have curated a new section on our website to order your products package free! There is a new tab at the top of our store called “Minimalism where you can order. Once you do, not only do you have all the same product options as with ordering with packaging, but you will also be empowered to take one more clear step towards reducing your waste. 


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