• Why should you go plastic-free?

    There is no escaping this problem of plastic pollution, anywhere in the world. Finding a solution must be an effort that we are all participating in. Going plastic-free with Khala & Company is one of the best ways to enact positive change quickly. Read more to learn about plastic's planetary impact and what you can do to help!
  • Khala & CO ~ how we are navigating COVID-19 & how you can help

    As small business owners, we have been fortunate to be able to use our livelihood as a platform for being the change we wish to see in the world. We will continue our eco-warrior ways, no matter what tomorrow brings. But we’d rather do it with you, our Khala Community! So here’s our blog thoughts about how we are navigating COVID-19 and how you can help.
  • Top 5 Ways to Be Zero Waste On-the-Go

    Whether you're traveling by train, car, bus, or airplane, being eco-friendly when you're on-the-go poses its fair share of challenges. Travel is tiring - and even those with the best habits at home can fall prey to the convenience of commercially packaged snacks and single-use plastic bottled drinks. But being zero waste when you're on the move isn't impossible.

    Here at Khala & Co, one of our primary missions is to make a zero waste lifestyle more attainable. We've compiled some tips and tricks to make it easier for you to be zero waste on-the-go. 

  • How Do I Store That?

    A question I often get asked while working in the gardens with students or at farmer's markets is, what's the best way to store this? For some, the answer is obvious, but for others it's new terrain. I'd like to share some of my tried-and-true storage methods based on my own personal experiences – and if you have a different method, I would love to hear from you, too! 
  • The Founding Ethics of Khala Cloths Beeswax Wraps

    Having children creates a love that is impossible to explain. Because of such love, we realized we needed to do more. We started examining at our plastic use. We were washing plastic bags and reusing them but felt there had to be a better, more grassroots way. Enter: Khala Cloths.