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Travel with Khala

 Khala & Company food wraps travel worldwide, via plane, boat, bike, foot, etc. We want to see our products worldwide

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to travel. It can be so amazing to experience the beautiful wonders of the world. However, without some research and preparation, travel can be so wasteful and eco-friendly. Within your zero-waste journey, you can also apply many of those habits when you travel. 

It can be too easy to produce waste when you’re traveling whether it’s from your travel sized to the to go boxes you may be offered when trying out the tastiest of restaurants. But it can be just as easy to refuse these single-use items and come prepared instead. Khala Cloths have many ways they can be used, from your kitchen to your vacation to your campsite.

Khala Cloths travel with Hawaii, honoring a delicious sandwich on the way.


We have some top-notch tips and tricks for traveling waste-free:

1. Stick a 4-size combo pack in the front pocket of your carry-on and your food storage needs should be taken care of! (Don’t worry, your wraps won’t stir up any drama going through security.)

    • If you hit the grocery store and stock up on some fresh produce for your trip, you can easily use a small or mini cloth to cover half an avocado or leftover fruit.
    • Don’t have a wine stopper? Use a mini to wrap around the top of any bottle to preserve it!
    • A medium or large wrap is great for preserving that last half of sandwich you ordered at your newest restaurant discovery. (No to-go boxes needed here!)
2. Prep some of your snacks ahead of time before you leave on your trip.
    • You can fold a medium or large wrap into a bag to store chips, crackers, trail mix or even some candy for the plane or car.

3. In a pinch, you can fold a large or a medium wrap onto a bowl or plate of a homemade meal.

4. Beeswax wraps are AMAZING for getting jars and lids unstuck. It has come in handy on many of my past trips to have beeswax wrap handy for any sticky situation that might arise.

5. If you plan on hitting the bakery, bring a medium wrap and have the worker wrap your goodies in a Khala Cloth instead of a single-use alternative.

6. Instead of buying new travel-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles, opt for bar shampoo and conditioner – and if you’re worried about soap transferring to your luggage or clothes, you can wrap a small or mini Khala Cloth around it.

 Young women travels to Costa Rica with her Khala Cloths, using them while hiking in the rainforest.

These are just a few of many ways you can use your reusable beeswax OR vegan food wraps – and we can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you when honoring your food in the kitchen, on the slopes, or at the campsite! The possibilities are truly endless.

Have you traveled with your Khala Cloths and have proof to show for it? We’d love to see your photos – DM any content to @khalacompany on Instagram. There is nothing we love more as a small business than seeing our handcrafted products in use!