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Zero-Waste Camping

Zero Waste Provisions, Khala & Company from kitchen to campsite, we are your zero waste partnet

When you head out on that next camping trip, it can be easy to opt for single-use items for ease and convenience. But camping zero- or low-waste is completely attainable with the proper planning ahead of time. Before you go, you might want to research the area and learn the rules and amenities so you can be well prepared. In addition to planning and prepping your trip, you may want to meal plan and prep your meals before headed off on your new adventure. Check out our blog post on plastic-free camping meals!

Before you go you will also want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and gear, such as a tent, sleeping bags, kitchen supplies, etc. When possible, use what you already have at home; If you don’t have all the necessary camping gear, it might be time to hit the thrift store or borrow from a friend. Trying to avoid buying additional items will lower your cost AND your waste (I’d say that’s a win-win!).

Pro Tips:

  1. Follow the 7 principles of leave no trace! These are guidelines intended to increase mindfulness while exploring the outdoors.
  2. Use reusables when possible; Check out our list at the bottom of this post of awesome reusable products we recommend.
  3. Plastic-free and low waste meals! We have created an entire blog post dedicated to plastic-free camping meals.
  4. Bring large reusable jugs for water (you can fill these up at any water station).
  5. Bring your own bucket for recycling, one for trash (if you must!) and one for compost.


Zero-waste campfire

To obtain a zero-waste campfire we suggest you use a natural Firestarter. Whether that is our Mechak Firestarter, or even lemon rinds, there are many more sustainable options and a great way to avoid gases. We also recommend using matches over plastic lighters—an easy swap!

Solar Power

While hitting that camping trip, technology is normally left behind—but there are a few items you may want to bring. With technology, if you can opt for solar-powered devices, you’ll save energy and waste less. We recommend a small portable solar-powered charger for phones or cameras, solar-powered lanterns, and a portable solar-power stove.


Here are some products and brands we LOVE and recommend for an eco-friendly and zero-waste camping trip: 

Khala & Company

  1. 4-Size Combo Pack 
  2. Reusable Coffee Filters 
  3. eKotwists 
  4. Mechak “Firestarters” 
  5. Sandwich Wrap 



ToGo Ware

Klean Kanteen