• Delights of Greenwashing

    Image Credit: Morgan Shackelford While April has passed, with climate change, every month is Earth month. Eco-friendly products and lifestyles ar...
  • Endangered Species: Monarch Butterfly

      The week of May 16th to May 23rd signifies National Endangered Species Week in Colorado, for the 5th time annually. While we believe it’s import...
  • Gardening 101

      Recently, there has been a shift in the way humans obtain and consume our daily meals. A sit-down meal in a restaurant was most likely your fi...
  • Candelilla Wax - As green as they say?

    Image Credit: Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller Vegans out there often have a hard time finding replacements for commonplace items; adding on the extr...
  • Hemp Round 2: Electric Boogaloo

      If you haven’t already read it, check out our previous blog post about the benefits and uses of hemp as a sustainable alternative! It’s our answe...
  • Coconut Oil and its Benefits

    Coconut oil is one of those things that’s popularity has skyrocketed, seemingly overnight, even though it's been used by humans for centuries. Fir...
  • Beeswax - Why do we use it?

    Maybe we haven’t made it obvious yet, but we love bees. These little buzzing buddies are responsible for the flexibility and delectable honey scen...
  • Hemp 101: Why use Hemp?

     When asked about the fabric that we use in our sustainable wraps or re-usable coffee filters, we proudly tell them that they’re made of 100% organic cotton hemp blend. The next question we get, is why hemp?
  • Why should you go plastic-free?

    There is no escaping this problem of plastic pollution, anywhere in the world. Finding a solution must be an effort that we are all participating in. Going plastic-free with Khala & Company is one of the best ways to enact positive change quickly. Read more to learn about plastic's planetary impact and what you can do to help!
  • Nude Packaging is Here!

    You asked, Khala answered! We have curated a new section on our website to order our zero waste provisions package free. Did you know that Americans throw away $11.4 billion worth of recyclable packaging every year? It is becoming more and more important to explore other options to paper, as the fossil fuel energy use in the paper manufacturing process makes up around 21.7% of paper production’s climate impact. If you want to help make a difference in your environmental impact, we are here to help you get started!

  • Beyond The Honey Bee

    Bees are an ecologically and biologically diverse group of insects. There are over 19,500 different species of bee worldwide, but only one is the iconic honey bee. Check out our guide of native Colorado bee species, and see how many you can find this summer!

  • The Truth About "Compostable" Plastic

    Compostable plastics are derived from plant-based materials such as starch, corn, soy and more. Does that really make them compostable though? Is compostable plastic the sustainable alternative we think it is?