Re-usable Beeswax Khala Cloths in the print Windows Into the Still-Wild, two sandwich and one three medium pack on a white background
Sustainable Khala Cloths on a white background and in the print Watershed Mermaids, wrapped or folded around lunch items
Re-usable Beeswax Sandwich wrap Khala Cloth in packaging, with the print Khalarado
Sustainable Khala Cloths on a white background and in the print DinoClimate, wrapped or folded around lunch items
Close up of a beeswax Khala Cloth in the print Windows Into the Still-Wild, featuring owls, foxes, elk and bears.

Adventure Kit ~ Beeswax Wraps

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Adventure awaits with this combination of Khala Cloths! Whether you're hiking a 14er, traveling deep into the backcountry, going to the park, or simply taking your food on-the-go, our Adventure Kit is the perfect provision for the adventurer on your gift list. With 2 sandwich and 3 medium wraps in our signature beeswax blend, anyone will be prepared to pack the best “happy calories to make the day a great day.  


  • Contains one 3 Medium pack and two Sandwich wraps
  • Washable, reusable, compostable 
  • Made from a mix of natural waxes, coconut oil, and Colorado sourced Beeswax 
  • Self-adhering - the more you twist and fold, the better it will stick! 
  • Versatile - fold into a bag to hold your fruitor cover a salad bowl... our wraps will have you covered. 
  • Durable – our wraps are made to last you a year, and can last for longer with care and love (check our FAQ for some tips) 

You have so many plates to juggle: reducing your carbon footprint, using less plastic, buying products that are good for the environment. That’s why we at Khala & CO try to make things easier, by carefully sourcing all the oils and waxes we use for our beeswax wraps to ensure our products are not only reusable, but also sustainable from root to tip! If after a year of use you feel that your wraps have lived their life to the fullest and simply can’t be used anymore (check our FAQ for some tips), rest easy knowing your Khala Cloths™ are compostable. From Mother Earth, Back to Mother Earth. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Simply the best

I don't know why yours are so different and work so much better than any others I have tried. But they are simply the best. I think I have every size now for myself and have been stocking up to give as gifts.

Attractive replacement for plastic wrap

This was a reorder and replacement order. Love the product!

Great for Outdoor Adventures!

I purchased to use during hiking trips to adhere to the Leave No Trace principle of pack out what you bring in. It was perfect! My eggs weren't crushed and my veggies stayed fresh. Big bonus is supporting a small biz. ❤


I have used Khala products for about three years and love how easy and reliable they are to use.

Great size for small items!

I use this size included in the Avocado Lovers Pack for so many things: not only avocados but any fruit, round vegetables, small bowls, cups, and so on. Khala Cloths makes saving items easy and they reduce waste. Khala Cloths are so handy!