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eKo twists with beeswax in a ribbon twist with paper label
eKo Twist Ties - An Eco-Friendly Alternative
A re-usable and compostable eKo twist tie holding together a head of fresh lettuce.
eKo twist tie fastening a tomato plant to a garden stake

eKo Twist Ties - An Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Making the switch to compostable twist ties is your easy alternative!  How to recycle a twist tie is tricky; some cities will recycle a twist tie with the paper stripped off, but others consider it trash. Why bother with that when you could use our eKo ties, which are 100% compostable and made from our offcuts? Choose from Beeswax or Vegan compostable twist ties and use in the same way you’d use a twist tie; take them with you to the grocery store or use in the garden to tie an unruly vine to a trellis.

Best of all, know that you're using the offcuts of our wraps, rather than buying a product that uses up new resources. By using an eKo tie, you're helping both yourself and Khala & CO to reduce waste, as well as helping the planet by mindfully using resources! What's not to love?


·       Contains 10 ties

·       Your choice of Beeswax of Vegan Wax

·       Variety of prints


You won’t be giving up functionality by going plastic free with our eKo ties. As pliable as a traditional twist tie, and with a grip to match, use our eKo ties in the same way you would a regular twist tie! This is a great transitional product if you’re getting used to going plastic free, or a fantastic gift for a friend who’s looking to begin their sustainable journey, but doesn’t know where to start.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product!

These beeswax-treated twist ties are great - the wire ones always give me trouble by ripping or poking holes in things but these ones stick to themselves when wound up and don’t get loose or tear; and they smell great!

Alexandra Martin
Eco-friendly twist-ties?! YES!! 🤗🤗

FINALLY!!! A twist tie that’s biodegradable! And it WORKS! I use these to tie up plants in my garden, to seal my table-compost bin bags, to wrap things together (anything I can find that needs to be bundled such as straws, pens, sticks for kindling, etc)... anything I can think of. I love these twist ties and I find any excuse I can to use them. 😍

Urban Farmer
Patio Garden

Used these for my Tomatoes and they were amazing and ecofriendly!

Deirdre Nolan
The best quality beeswax wraps!

I love all of your products. Have been purchasing to give as gifts for friends to get them off of plastic wrap. The ties are also excellent.