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eKo twists with beeswax in a ribbon twist with paper label
eKo Twist Ties - An Eco-Friendly Alternative
A re-usable and compostable eKo twist tie holding together a head of fresh lettuce.
eKo twist tie fastening a tomato plant to a garden stake

eKo Twist Ties - An Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Making the switch to compostable twist ties is your easy alternative!  How to recycle a twist tie is tricky; some cities will recycle a twist tie with the paper stripped off, but others consider it trash. Why bother with that when you could use our eKo ties, which are 100% compostable and made from our offcuts? Choose from Beeswax or Vegan compostable twist ties and use in the same way you’d use a twist tie; take them with you to the grocery store or use in the garden to tie an unruly vine to a trellis.

Best of all, know that you're using the offcuts of our wraps, rather than buying a product that uses up new resources. By using an eKo tie, you're helping both yourself and Khala & CO to reduce waste, as well as helping the planet by mindfully using resources! What's not to love?


·       Contains 10 ties

·       Your choice of Beeswax of Vegan Wax

·       Variety of prints


You won’t be giving up functionality by going plastic free with our eKo ties. As pliable as a traditional twist tie, and with a grip to match, use our eKo ties in the same way you would a regular twist tie! This is a great transitional product if you’re getting used to going plastic free, or a fantastic gift for a friend who’s looking to begin their sustainable journey, but doesn’t know where to start.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great for sealing small kitchen compost bag.

Starting small with a countertop compost bin. When it fills, we need to twist it shut before taking it to city collection sites. I looked for a compostable twist tie and found yours. Dies the trick. Very happy with our purchase.

Nancy Hess
Eco ties as described

Nice to find compostable eco ties. They're hard to find, and these work very well.

Baca Gail
Terrific twist ties

I was searching for compostable twist ties to use on our kitchen compost trash. I found Khala and Co. and it a perfect match! Colorful, efficient, vegan option and made in USA! I highly recommend this company and its products!

A Great Environmental Choice

Our condominium is now composting our table scraps and indoor plants residue. The bags we use to carry our compostable residue to the large compost collection bins are very thin. These twist-ties are a good way to seal and carry the bags down three stories to the collection bins. Now that I've read about using them to tie up plants in the garden, I'm going to recommend them to all of our gardeners as well!

Great product!

These beeswax-treated twist ties are great - the wire ones always give me trouble by ripping or poking holes in things but these ones stick to themselves when wound up and don’t get loose or tear; and they smell great!