eco-friendly compostable twist tie alternative
eco-friendly compostable twist tie alternative

eKo Twist Ties - An Eco-Friendly Alternative

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Eliminate the need for plastic or dubiously-recyclable twist ties with our eKo Twist Ties! Organic, eco-friendly, and compostable, eKo Twist Ties are by-products of cutting our popular beeswax and vegan wax Khala Cloths to size.

eKo Twist Tie Specs:

  • 10 eKo twists in each bundle

Eco-Friendly Twist Tie Details:

They are as strong as metal and as pliable as plastic - but eco friendly and compostable just like our Khala Cloths! Tie up sprouting plants or twist around bunches of produce or to close bags - there are so many ways eKo Twist Ties can be used in place of conventional twist ties.

About Khala Cloths:

Khala Cloths are an eco-friendly food storage solution that can extend freshness ~5-7 days longer than plastic storage.

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