People who exemplify Khala Cloths' commitment to the environment.



Aleisha Cline

Aleisha Cline is not only a strong, loving mother of two, she has the ability to make anyone smile and want to be the best version of their self. Some would say she is a true Wonder Woman. As a ski racer, she has collected four X-games gold medals and over 16 international wins. She competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics in speed-skiing. Not to mention she has also podiums in Big Mountain skiing and as a professional mountain biker.

Cline's love of her kids, health, fitness and nature is an inspiration. She joined the Khala Cloths as an ambassador to help reduce single use plastic in her life so that her kids could have a better future.

Dustin & Noami

Dustin & Noami are outdoor enthusiasts and environmental advocates who have been living on the road since 2016.

Noami is a certified eco-consultant and Dustin is a LEED AP specializing in Green Building. Their passion and love for wild places has driven them to pursue a life of minimalism.

The Grevembergs have travelled throughout the US, Australia, and SE Asia seeking inspiration and raising awareness of the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and the importance of reducing our environmental impact.

Through their love for nature and the outdoors, Dustin and Noami hope to inspire others to be better stewards of the environment.

Find out more about their travels on Instagram and Facebook@irietoaurora and their environmental efforts on their website and Instagram @cactiandcoconuts


Julia Niles

Julia Niles is a wife, a mom of two, and a badass. A certified IFMGA/UIAGM guide, she is just the fifth women to accomplish these certifications. Niles guides skiing and rock climbing and has done so around the world from The Alaska Range, North Cascades, Argentina, Ecuador, the Tetons and throughout British Columbia, Canada.

In 2006 she became the first women to Solo Grand Traverse in Wyoming in a single day.

Raising her children in the outdoors,Julia views herself as a not only a mother to her children but of the mountains. This connection has made her a better guide, mom, and human on this planet.

Watch Julia working with Lynsey Dyer in the Back country: Here


Brittany Parker

Brittany Parker may live in a van down by the river, but don't let that fool you, she is no slouch. Ranked as one of the top female SUP athletes with over 11 podium finishes, she has also produced a film called 'Can I Surf That'. Parker has paddled the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe to raise awareness of the poaching of rhinos and help raise money for the 'Care for Wild' rhino sanctuary.

A true steward of the water, Brittany works hard to raise awareness about human impact on ecosystems, and to protect her love of and passion for the rivers.

Brittany's Facebook, Instagram and Website

Chelsea Sullivan

Chelsea Sullivan is a not your average Millennial. She moved to Whistler BC at the age of 19 to pursue a career in professional skiing. She spent almost a decade committed to Freeride Competitions, reaching veteran status on the Freeskiing World Tour, The Subaru Freeride Series and the Freeride World Tour Qualifier series becoming one of the top ranked female freeride athletes in Canada during her competitive years.

She has a diploma in Adventure Guiding, and a BIS in Sport Performance from Thompson Rivers University and is an accredited Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Apprentice Ski Guide. With a passion for education, Chelsea is a top notch avalanche rescue specialist and has over 10 years of experience working with the Canadian Avalanche Association educating recreationalists on backcountry safety. Needless to say, she has committed her life to the mountains and educates her clients on how to live a sustainable lifestyle in the mountains.

Watch Chelsea here in an avalanche education special by Shaw TV:


Dean Morales

Grassroots Ambassador

Hey yall, my passion for our planet can not be expressed in just a few sentences. In turn, each day I strive to contribute positively to our earth. For me this means eating a vegan diet (six years strong), living an active lifestyle, advocating for clean products, and using LNT principles wherever I travel. Furthermore, I enjoy making music, outdoor activities, and interacting with others. Additionally, I am engaged in conversations surrounding mindfulness based stress reduction which are implemented in my daily activities. Moreover, I want to continue spreading love and knowledge, with hopes to bring more sustainable solutions to our shared planet. One love.


Soraya Simi

Grassroots Ambassador

Soraya Simi is a 22-year-old ocean-minded filmmaker and environmentalist. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she spent her days exploring the desert alongside her twin brother, fostering her deep love for the outdoors from an early age. Despite being desert rats, a deep love for water and the ocean was felt for as long as she can remember.

Soraya started film and photography when she was 14, and once she learned filmmaking was a legitimate subject you could study in college, she set her sights on USC. Now in her final year at USC's film school in Los Angeles, Soraya has combined her passion for storytelling with her desire to be outside, actively bringing awareness to and protecting the environments that offer her so much. She also hopes to engage other young women in this style of outdoor filmmaking, as their inclusion is vital to hearing stories that have yet to be told.


Miranda Hanan

Grassroots Ambassador

Hi! My name is Miranda Hanan and I live in Des Moines where I nanny, run my own small business and am an herbalist. I aim to be an environmental friendly, holistic minded human who is provoked by nature, curiosity and wonderment. My husband and I love travelling around the country visiting national parks and forests. In my free time, I love practicing yoga, kayaking and rock climbing. You can follow my adventures by following me on Instagram: miranda.hanan and recently, on YouTube: Miranda Hanan. Have a great day!


Norah Destouche

Grassroots Ambassador

Hi! I am Nora. I recently moved to Orlando, Florida from the West coast beaches of Florida. My husband, son and I may have moved away from the water ,but we are striving to protect our beautiful beaches no matter the cost. We love to travel, support ethical companies, shop second hand and take baskets of reusable containers, cups and cutlery wherever we go. Our mission as a family of three looks like raising awareness against plastic consumption and allowing our passion and love for the planet lead by example!

Amanda & Jed

Grassroots Ambassadors

Jed & Amanda are rock climbers, alpinists, and outdoor enthusiasts based out of North Carolina. A civil engineer and a freelance writer, together they advocate for the environment and encourage others to spend more time outside. In 2016, they won the American Alpine's Club 'Live Your Dream Grant' to climb the aesthetic Northeast Ridge on Bugaboo Spire. Inspired by the Bugaboos' remote, untouched allure, they now spend their time searching the world for these magical places while ticking off classic alpine climbs. Their mission is to preserve threatened alpine ecosystems through stewardship, community outreach, and education.

As an outdoor journalist, Amanda seeks to share her adventurous experiences, encourage sustainable living, and promote small businesses doing big things for the environment. She writes for many well-known publications, including The Adventure Junkies, Outdoor Research, Digital Trends Outdoors, and GearJunkie. When she's not writing, she's climbing mountains, doing Vinyasa yoga, or riding horses. You can find out more on her website Investing in Adventure.

Jed serves as a civil engineer for the City of Raleigh and has helped the city grow into the thriving metropolis it is today. He oversees multiple transportation programs that support eco-conscious efforts, including development of Raleigh's Greenway system, bike lane implementation, and improvements to public transportation.

You can follow their alpine climbing adventures on Instagram @investing_in_adventure. At any given time, they also post updates on one or more of their three beloved fur babies -- two rescue dogs and a Siberian kitten.

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