Khala & CO is proud to believe in the environment and it shows. Here are some awards and accolades we have received.


2016 - Portland, OR. Green Festival "Most Exciting Company"

for our bees wax wraps - 1st Place

2017 - Boulder, CO. Boulder Chamber's "Esprit Venture Challenge"

for our beeswax wraps - 1st Place

2018 - Boulder, CO. Boulder Beta "Entrepreneur Award"

for our plant based and beeswax wraps - 1st Place

2018 - 1% for the Planet "People for the Planet Award"

for making everyday life easier without plastic for out 100% plant based wax wraps -  2nd place

2019 -Green America "People & Planet Award"

for best Alternative to Plastic for our Vegan 100% plant based wraps and Beeswax wraps