What Does “KHALA” Mean?

Khala ཁ་ལག། means “food” in Tibetan. Why did we choose this name? Because Khala Cloths co-founder, Tamar McKee, has spent many years working in Tibetan communities and wanted to pay homage to the many meals and companionship generously shared with her.

Did We Invent Beeswax Wraps?

We wish we could take credit... But truthfully no one living can. Historically, beeswax was used by the Egyptians for preserving. Then, in the 1900s, beeswax-infused cloth was used over jars and containers for food storage. We have taken this concept and given it a modern twist.

How Long will a Khala Cloth Last?

Depends on the care received. These beeswax / vegan wax wraps can last up to a year as a wrap for food, but can have many other uses in their second life, too:

  • Cut into strips, Khala Cloths make great fire starters for camping. 
  • Repurpose them as a campsite/ picnic placemat.
  • Use them to help open jar lids.
  • If you wish to compost your Khala Cloth, just cut it into strips and toss in your bin. We also find that worn out Khala Cloths make great toppers to our kitchen compost pail, but that is just our system :)

All in all, at the end of its productive life, Khala Cloths can be reborn as part of your compost since they are biodegradable. As we like to say: from Mother Earth, back to Mother Earth.

What Are They Made Of?

Khala Cloths Beeswax wraps are made from all organic and natural ingredients. We use certified organic cotton-hemp blend fabric infused with an organic beeswax-coconut oil blend with natural tree resin. Our Vegan wax wraps are made from 100% plant based waxes and oils— including consciously-sourced soy wax, jojoba and coconut oil, and tree resin. Khala Cloths are hand-crafted, so each cloth is subtly unique.

Are Khala Cloth Beeswax Wraps Antibacterial?

Beeswax and coconut oil, two of the main ingredients, are both naturally antibacterial. Hemp, which is the main ingredient in our base fabric, is naturally mildew resistant.  

Why Are Khala Cloths Not White?

Very simple. We refuse to use bleached fabric or whitened beeswax. Yes, if we wanted to industrially process both the wax and fabric we could make it "white". But honestly we do this for Mother Earth and the simple method has less environmental impact. 

Do Khala Cloth Beeswax Wraps Smell?

Yes, like beeswax. Since we use naturally-filtered organic beeswax, our wraps will have an odor. The nectar collected by the bees can create slightly different sweet smells (which we love).

Do Khala Cloths Vegan Wax Wraps Smell?

Yes, we find they have a slight "floral" smell when first opened but this dissipates quickly, especially after washing (this can take away the tacky feeling some batches can have, too).

Why Khala Cloths and Not Plastic?

“It [plastic] turns out not just to have floated across the oceans, but has sunk to the deepest parts of the sea floor. This is not a sign that our planet is in a healthy condition…” –Jan Zalasiewicz PhD, Leicester University

Contrary to the alternative (plastic), Khala Cloths beeswax wraps are made with organic and natural materials and are biodegradable. You won’t find them at the bottom of the ocean but at the bottom of a compost pile, returning to the earth.

What Is Your Packaging Made Of?

For our "topper" we use post-consumer paper materials.  That's right— biodegradable eco-paper that is made without trees being harmed!

All in all, once you've opened your Khala Cloth beeswax wrap package, the waxed paper bag is compostable and the topper paper is definitely recyclable/compostable.

What Are Your Shipping Costs and REFUND Policies?

For our UNITED STATES orders we have flat rate shipping of $5.00, for our CANADIAN orders we have a flat rate of $10.00 and for our MEXICO orders we have a flat rate of $15.00.  Once placed, these orders are normally shipped within 3-5 business days. Average delivery time is approximately 1 week. If you need it faster and with tracking, we are happy to ship via UPS for additional cost. 

WE DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONAL. As an environmental friendly company, we can not justify the carbon footprint associated with sending our products around the world.  

A common question we also receive is about refunds. Unfortunately, since this is a food storage product, we can not accept refunds once the product is opened from its packaging. But please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts on the matter!