1)   A COMPANY IN GOOD COMPANY: We are certified by Green America and are members of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and The Climate Collaborative as we believe actions speak louder than words. As proud members of 1% for the Planet since our founding, we donate to environmentally focused non-profits and organizations.

2)   WE MIND OUR BEESWAX: We source our beeswax from local, bee-friendly apiaries. What does that mean? It means we help keep the equivalent of family farms for beekeeping (apiaries) in business at the local level. Buying beeswax from our neighbors on the Front Range of Colorado means they don't feel the economic pressure to truck bees across the U.S. to pollinate unfamiliar crops (and pick up diseases along the way). We keep the bees and their keepers local in their own habitats, thus encouraging a more bee-centric, less chemically-dependent, practice and product. 

3)   HEMP & COTTON - AN ORGANIC LOVE STORY: The fabric used to construct a Khala Cloth is organic hemp and cotton and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards

4)  NATURALISM IS OUR MUSE: We leave our fabric and beeswax in its natural color. No bleaching, no chemicals. That means you will feel the grainy texture of the hemp-cotton love story, smell the sweetness, and see the sunshine in our beeswax.

5)   DON'T TRASH OUR PACKAGING: Every Khala Cloth comes in zero waste packaging. Our packaging is sourced locally and made from 100% post consumer recycled material. 

6) WE ARE A ZERO WASTE COMPANY. That means our goal is to produce zero garbage. In the last three years of production all our waste can fit into a 5 gallon bucket.