Eco-friendly Vegan Wax wrap in the size Potluck folded into a bag to cover a head of fresh lettuce, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap or bags. The wrap is in the print Among the Sunflowers, which is a cheerful collection of traditional yellow and brilliant red sunflowers accompanied by the Khala & CO logo in green.
Sustainable Vegan Wax wrap size Potluck in the print Harvest in its recyclable packaging on a background of a larger version of the same design. Harvest has bright and ripe vegetables painted in a realistic style, showcasing lemons, carrots, avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, artichokes, and asparagus.
Sustainable Vegan Wax wrap size Potluck in the print Among the Sunflowers in its recyclable packaging on a background of the featured print. Among the Sunflowers is a cheerful collection of traditional yellow and brilliant red sunflowers accompanied by the Khala & CO logo in green.

Vegan Potluck

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Have you ever been in the middle of whipping up a meal for friends and been struck with the joy of what you’re making? Then you understand the spirit behind our POTLUCK wrap! We understand how satisfying it is to put effort into something that you’ve made to share with others, and what better way to share it than wrapped up in something special? 

Bringing a loved one a meal to lift their spirits? Sharing a picnic with a friend? Our POTLUCK-sized Khala Cloths are designed for such occasions, the right size to cover a baking dish of cinnamon rolls, a loaf of home-made bread, or to deliver your garden’s produce in a delightful floral scented package! 

  • Contains one 14x19 inch wrap 
  • Washable, reusable, compostable 
  • Made from 100% plant based natural waxes and oils 
  • Self-adhering - the more you twist and fold, the better it will stick! 
  • Versatile - fold into a bag to enclose your food, cover a casserole dish… whatever you can think of, our Potluck can do it for you (except perhaps fly) 
  • Durable – our wraps are made to last you a year, and can last for longer with care and love (check our FAQ for some tips) 

Our Potluck wrap shines brightest when you’re looking for a way to remove aluminum foil or plastic wrap from your kitchen. The right size to cover baking dishes of all sorts, or to be used as a storage bag in the fridge, it’s got the variety and durability that you’re looking for. Best yet, you’ll be saving money in the long run by eliminating two types of single-use packaging from your grocery budget for an entire year! An absolute star around the holidays, the Potluck wrap is a great way to introduce others to the plastic-free lifestyle (as well as the vegan lifestyle) with your choice of print to start the conversation with. 

You have so many plates to juggle: reducing your carbon footprint, using less plastic, buying products that are good for the environment. That’s why we at Khala & CO try to make things easier, by carefully sourcing all the plant-based oils and waxes for our vegan wraps to ensure our products are not only reusable, but also sustainable from root to tip! If after a year of use you feel that your wraps have lived their life to the fullest and simply can’t be used anymore (check our FAQ for some tips), rest easy knowing your Khala Cloths are compostable. From Mother Earth, Back to Mother Earth. 

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combo pack

really like the fact that it adheres to any shape . will definitely share this product

Pleased to give as gift.

The receiver of this gift was so excited to try it. She has used bees wax wrap and wanted to try the veggie based wrap. After she tells me how well it works, I will by some for myself.

Partial review because this is a gift

I'll come back later once I give this gift but I wanted to share about my ordering and delivery experience. It was a breeze! Their services are excellent so I have no doubt, the product will be equally successful.

Great product!

Customers love the product and the eco friendly packaging!


i love your product