100% plant based potluck vegan wax wrap
100% plant based potluck vegan wax wrap

100% Plant-Based "Potluck" (XL) Vegan Wax Wrap

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Hello, 100% plant-based vegan wax wrap - no beeswax here!

Our vegan wax wrap combo pack is now available in our "Among the Sunflowers" and "Harvest" print. These organic hemp-cotton wraps are infused with six plant-based waxes and oils - including consciously-sourced soy wax, jojoba and coconut oil, and tree resin.

Vegan Wax Wrap Specs:

  • Crafted from a blend of 100% plant-based waxes and oils
  • Includes 1 XL "potluck"-style (14x19 inches) plant-based vegan wax food wrap
  • Washable, reusable, and compostable
  • Self-adhering

100% Plant-Based Product Details:

Our "Potluck"-style wrap is the perfect size for those kinds of dishes you share. From a big bowl of fruit salad to an exquisite loaf of homemade bread, this wrap has you covered! 

About Khala Cloths:

Khala Cloths are an eco-friendly food storage solution that can extend freshness ~5-7 days longer than plastic storage.

And when you're done using them, just hand-wash in cool water and hang dry. Fold and store away from heat when dry.

Re-evaluate after 9 months to 1 year later, and either repurpose or cut into strips for easy composting. Learn more about how to use and care for your Khala Cloths here. #honoryourfood

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