Beeswax wrap in the size Small wrapped around a freshly cut avocado, in the print Harvest (which features various vegetables cascading down the fabric and the Khala & CO logo). Convenient replacement for plastic, re-usable, and helpful to anyone trying to live Zero Waste.
Sustainable Beeswax 3 Small pack in its recyclable packaging on a background showcasing the featured print, Harvest. This print has bright and ripe vegetables painted in a realistic style, showcasing lemons, carrots, avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, artichokes, and asparagus. Beeswax wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic wrap, as they are durable, longer lived, and re-usable, helping you live a Zero Waste lifestyle!
Eco-friendly Beeswax 3 Small pack in its recyclable packaging on a background showcasing the featured print, Windows into the Still Wild. This print has a myriad of Colorado wildlife, including buffalo, bears, deer, foxes, owls, and northern flickers, all in a colorful and abstract styling. Beeswax wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic wrap, as they are durable, longer lived, and re-usable, helping you live a Zero Waste lifestyle!

Beeswax 3 Smalls

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It’s easy to waste food when you can only use half of it for a meal. How many times has an avocado gone badone side for toast and the other forgotten on the counter in the breakfast rush? Save it for later with one of our SMALL Khala Cloths! Better yet, fold into a bag and store your little bits of chopped veg to save time when prepping midweek meals without losing any flavor. Also, they’re a lot easier to get open and closed than a Ziplock. Anyone else have trouble with the zippers? 

By using Khala Cloths instead of single-use packaging like plastic wrap or aluminum foil, you’ll not only be saving resources for future generations, you’ll be saving waste from entering landfills and saving money to boot! Lots of love and planetary good comes in these small sizes. 

Beeswax Wrap 3 SMALLS SPECS
  • One pack contains three Small wraps (7x8 inches) 
  • Made from a mix of natural waxes, coconut oil, and Colorado sourced beeswax 
  • Washable, reusable, compostable 
  • Self-adhering - the more you twist and fold, the better it will stick! 
  • Versatile - fold into a bag to enclose your food, cover a bowl or jar … whatever you need, our wraps have got you covered 
  • Durable – Our wraps last 1 year on average, and with care and love, can live longer (check our FAQ for some tips) 

A small wrap is an excellent replacement for your standard plastic snack bag, capable of holding whatever you need to transport… wherever you need. Sold in a pack of three to cover all the bases, take a Small with you to class holding your snacks, cover up a bowl of strawberries in the fridge, or top a jar of homemade jam as a gift for a friend! This is a pack for those beginning their transition to a plastic free lifestyle, and those who have been at it for years. These Small wraps have the benefit of being easy to clean and care for, as well as your choice of print. 

You have so many plates to juggle: reducing your carbon footprint, using less plastic, buying products that are good for the environment. That’s why we at Khala & CO try to make things easier, by carefully sourcing all the oils and waxes we use for our beeswax wraps to ensure our products are not only reusable, but also sustainable from root to tip! If after a year of use you feel that your wraps have lived their life to the fullest and simply can’t be used anymore (check our FAQ for some tips), rest easy knowing your Khala Cloths are compostable. From Mother Earth, Back to Mother Earth. 


Customer Reviews

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Great size for small items!

I use this size included in the Avocado Lovers Pack for so many things: not only avocados but any fruit, round vegetables, small bowls, cups, and so on. Khala Cloths makes saving items easy and they reduce waste. Khala Cloths are so handy!


Product is great! Works as described and allows me to cut down my use of plastic wraps.

Khala cloths make it so easy to go green

I’m all for making lifestyle changes to help Earth; however, these changes often involve trade-offs (eg. eco-friendly detergents and cleansers that don’t quite do the job of the old-school chemicals, or the slightly stinky compost bucket sitting in my city kitchen!).

There are no such trade-offs with Khala cloths.
Khala wraps work better, smell better, preserve food better and, of course, treat the planet better than any wrap I have used. Mine have lasted well over a year while receiving quite a bit of use during these home-bound times.

Please try them!


What a great product. And it extends the life of my produce. Thank you.

Love these wraps

I bought Khala Cloths at my local Colorado farmers' market. I then tried some of the food wraps my mom uses and preferred Khala by a lot. The cloths last a long time and the people were so helpful.