Beeswax Combo Pack of Khala Cloths in packaging, with the print Harvest
Beeswax Combo Pack
Beeswax Combo Pack
Beeswax Combo Pack of Khala Cloths in packaging, with the print Khalarado
Cheese, produce and containers covered with Khala Cloths in the print Khalarado
Beeswax Combo Pack
Beeswax Combo Pack of Khala Cloths in packaging, with the print Windows into the Still-Wild
Combo pack in the print Windows Into the Still-Wild covering produce and bread on a white background
Beeswax Combo Pack
Beeswax Combo Pack of Khala Cloths in packaging, with the print 1% for the Planet
Beeswax Combo Pack
Beeswax Combo Pack

Beeswax Combo Pack

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It’s hard to argue with our best selling beeswax wrap combo pack! Our Khala Cloths combo pack is a versatile grouping of 4 beeswax wraps that you can take just about anywhere. We’d compare it to your kitchen drawer with all the Ziplocs or plastic wraps in it, but this wax wrap combo pack will last you a year (if not more), with no repurchasing and landfill donation every other month. 

Heading out for a hike this weekend? Wrap a burrito in your LARGE wax wrap, fold a bag for your trail mix with the MEDIUM beeswax wrap, and if you’re bringing along a four-legged friend, carry their food and treats in the SMALL and MINI wraps!  

Focusing on your cooking skills? With a MINI or a SMALL wrap, cover a jar of homemade jam, cover the cut end of a cucumber, or fold a bag to hold leftover herbs (because there are always leftover herbs). With a MEDIUM, you can maintain the freshness of roast chicken by spreading over the cooled baking dish post-meal, or for outdoor dining, keep the ants off that juicy half a watermelon and bring a delightful honey scent to the picnic with a LARGE!  

  • Contains one Mini (6x6 inches), one Small (7x8 inches), one Medium (11x11 inches), and one Large (13x13 inches) 
  • Made from a mix of natural waxes, coconut oil, and Colorado-sourced beeswax 
  • Washable, reusable, compostable 
  • Self-adhering – the more you twist and fold, the better it sticks! 
  • Versatile - fold into a bag to enclose your food, cover a casserole dish or fresh produce 
  • Durable – with care and love our Khala Cloths will last over a year, and can last longer (check our FAQ for some tips)

Our combo pack of Khala Cloths is our bestseller for a good reason: it’s by far the most bang for your buck, whether you’re starting out on your sustainable journey or a veteran of zero-waste living. You’ll be getting a variety of wrap sizes that can be folded into bags, wrapped around bowls and dishes of many sizes, and best of all, are easy to clean and care for! If you’re a fan of saving money, saving plastic from entering the ocean, and saving resources for future generations, this is an affordable way to show your passion. With a variety of prints available, you can even add in a bit of personal flair!  

You have so many plates to juggle: reducing your carbon footprint, using less plastic, buying products that are good for the environment. That’s why we at Khala & CO try to make things easier, by carefully sourcing all the oils and waxes we use for our beeswax wraps to ensure our products are not only reusable, but also sustainable from root to tip! If after a year of use you feel that your wraps have lived their life to the fullest and simply can’t be used anymore (check our FAQ for some tips), rest easy knowing your Khala Cloths are compostable. From Mother Earth, Back to Mother Earth.  



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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Great product!

Great product and great people to do business with. I purchased several extra items for gifts.

Great product!

I originally bought these at the Vail farmers market and loved them so I ordered more for stocking stuffers! Easy to clean, easy to use and love the designs - keeps veggies fresh , highly recommend!

Nicole Wiesenthal
Perfect Gift!!

Got this for a friend, and she loves it! I already own two packs myself, and I knew this would be a perfect gift because it is so versatile and works better than any other beeswax wraps I've tried. I sent her a lot of videos on how to use it from the Khala & Co. TikTok because she was nervous about where to start. Now, she uses it all the time.

Christina Bedell
Love it

Its a great product. Keeps produce really fresh. Herbs last for over a week wrapped in these. Love the scent too.

Sondra Jonson
Great product

I like these wraps and I love the idea that they are safe. We have been warned not to use plastic over food in our microwaves because the plastic emits toxic fumes when heated. But I suspect it's alway emitting something since it's not stable. I had transitioned to using mostly wax paper for food storage instead of plastic until I ran across the Khala wraps. I love them and I've already sent some as gifts to my friends and family. Great job you Khala and Co!