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Hemp-Cotton Cloth Reusable Coffee Filters

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Who needs plastic K-Cups or single-use paper filters when the power of eco-organic cloth can substitute? Our Khala reusable coffee filters work from the kitchen to the campsite and all points in-between. Handmade in Boulder, CO, these filters will help you reduce your environmental footprint and make an amazing cup of coffee.

Hemp-Cotton Cloth Reusable Coffee Filter Details:

What: Khala Coffee filters are made from organic hemp and cotton fabric and are perfect for 6-10 cup Chemex style or pour over coffee makers. There are two filters in each pack and each filter lasts for about a year.

Why: On average 2.25 million cups of coffee are enjoyed everyday that equals around 140 million coffee filters and approximately 1.5 million trees.... Ouch! That's a lot of waste.

Reusable Coffee Filter Care:

After brewing your coffee, empty the grounds into your compost, rinse the filters clean, and hang dry. If you are using the filters daily, we recommend a deep clean every two months. Just boil the filters for about 10 minutes. If extra care is needed add a scoop of baking soda.

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