100% organic hemp cotton blend re-usable coffee filter in a pour over set up over a mug.
Size Small Pour over re-usable coffee filters with their label on a white background
#4 cone size re-usable coffee filters with their label on a white background
Size comparison of large and small basket re-usable coffee filters
Chemex coffee brewer in use with a size small pour over style re-usable coffee filter, on a wooden table in a sunlit room.
Overhead shot of small basket filter in basket on a wood table

Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters (2 Count)

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205 million Americans drink coffee every day – and while more people are using alternative brewing methods like organic coffee filters, the sheer amount of paper coffee filters required means a disturbing number of trees are coming down. At that rate, making the decision to go paperless with reusable organic coffee filters is just as impactful as the decision to go plastic-less. Bonus, it will save you money down the road by replacing the repeating cost of coffee filter cones with a one-time purchase that will last you an entire year! Starting your day by making a conscious effort (difficult in the morning, we know) to brew with a sustainable filter is a great way to set the tone for your day.  

Each pack contains two filters, so you can use one today and the other tomorrow, cycling through so you always have a fresh filter. Trying a cloth coffee filter for the first time, or wanting to take the leap from single-use to re-suable with a friend? We offer a Buy One, Get One 25% Off when you use our discount code COFFEE25 at checkout (offer not valid with other discounts). 



  • #2 Reusable Coffee Filter Cones, which fit most 2-6 cup electric coffee makers 
  • #4 Reusable Coffee Filter Cones, which fit most 8-12 cup cone electric coffee makers 

Pour Over

  • Small Pour Over Filters, which fit 3-6 cup Chemex or pour over coffee makers 
  • Large Pour Over Filters, which fit 6-12 cup Chemex or pour over coffee makers 


  • Small Basket Filters, which fit 3-6 cup basket style electric coffee makers 
  • Large Basket Filters, which fit 6-12 cup basket style electric coffee makers  
  • Made in Colorado, of 100% organic cotton 
  • One pack contains two filters  
  • Durable – Each filter will last you a year of caffeinated goodness 

To clean, remove the coffee grounds into your compost, rinse with tap water, and wring out the excess. Hang to dry, and you’re all done! We offer our filters in a pack of two so you can use one filter while the other is drying from the previous day. If using the filter daily, we recommend that you deep clean every month by boiling filters for 10 minutes. If still not as clean as you’d like, add a scoop of baking soda to your water. Repeat until the water runs clear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Good reusable filters

I love the fact that the filter the coffee with out all th waste of paper filters

Jennie Grossi
Small basket filter

I bought these to replace 2 cloth filters I had been using that had frayed. I love these- they fit perfectly and clean up easily after use. Nicely stitched and a quality fabric. Very good value- I will definitely buy more

Kristina Alderton

Love them!

Deanna Kilgore

These filters work so well for our pour-over! The carafe came with a metal mesh filter, but we noticed our coffee had a lot of silt in it that was not appetizing. The last cup was always very "muddy". Now we use one of these filters under the metal one, and it catches all that silt. The filter gets muddy instead of the coffee.

Barbara Linetty
Healthy choice with no waste and good quality!

My title says it all, plus I always send my grounds to the compost pile as well!