harvest print small size beeswax wrap combo pack
harvest print medium size beeswax wrap
planetary pollinators small size beeswax wrap
planetary pollinators medium size beeswax wrap combo pack
"Windows into the Still Wild" small size beeswax wrap combo pack

Beeswax Wrap Combo Pack (4 Count, 2 Sizes)

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Got little things? Like half an onion, avocado, or cucumber to be stored for the next meal? Or a mason jar whose lid ran away with a sock from the dryer? For those little, but crucial things in life, our small-sized, Khala Cloth beeswax wrap combo pack will help keep fruits and veggies fresh, and lid-less glass jars from becoming simply vases.

Beeswax Wrap Combo Pack Specs:

  • Crafted from a blend of natural waxes, coconut oil, and natural tree resin
  • Combo pack includes 2 small (8x7 inches) and 2 mini (6x6 inches) beeswax-infused food wraps
  • Washable, reusable, and compostable
  • Self-adhering 

About Khala Cloths:

Khala Cloths are an eco-friendly food storage solution that can extend freshness ~5-7 days longer than plastic storage.

And when you're done using them, just hand-wash in cool water and hang dry. Fold and store away from heat when dry.

Re-evaluate after 9 months to 1 year later, and either repurpose or cut into strips for easy composting. Learn more about how to use and care for your Khala Cloths here. #honoryourfood

About Our "Harvest" Print:

To celebrate the upcoming Harvest Moon season, we give you our latest print: "Harvest," hand-painted by Allenspark, Colorado-based artist, Madeline Ellis. From early season asparagus to tomatoes sweetened by summer, Ellis' original artwork, eco-printed on hemp-cotton fabric infused with our acclaimed beeswax "recipe," will honor all the food you cache within our Khala (Tibetan for "food") Cloths.

These new "Harvest" Cloths are dedicated to drawing awareness to the issue of food waste - and its solutions. We take note from Project Drawdown, a fellow 1% for the Planet Member, and their insight into the implications of wasting 1/3 of all food planted, grown, and harvested. Need for better storage and "major interventions...at the retail and consumer levels" are cited as top priorities. Consider Khala & Co. as meeting those needs one Khala Cloth at a time.

Needless to say: food is a universal demand, it provides us with so much nutritional and cultural bounty. Let's always bless the Harvest so that it can meet our needs of food security! Support your local farmers and food rescue units, and don't let food rot in your kitchen.

About Our "Planetary Pollinators" Print:

Our original Khala Cloth print features bees circling the earth - a testament to how honeybees help make the world go round. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice variety of sizes

I love the different sizes. They are perfect for sandwiches, sliced apples, grapes, avocados! My food stays fresh and I love that these wraps are reusable!

Michelle, We love to hear all the different ways you reuse the wax wraps!
Great gift idea

Clever product, eco-friendly and functional alternative to plastic wrap and ziploc bags


Amazed at how fresh everything stays even my onions!

doing my part

I love these beeswax wraps. They keep food fresh and best of all, I have no more plastic waste to clog up the environment. Everyone on my holiday gift guide will be getting wraps this year. Thanks for your wonderful products.

Thank YOU for the kind review. Happy to hear you're enjoying the beeswax wraps!
Thanks for saving my avocados!

I only eat half an avocado at a time. Saving the other half for the next day. Since I started wrapping them in your wraps I don't need to cut the brown off the next day they look fresh as if I just cut them!!!