sustainable sources beeswax wraps perfect for avocados, and veggies
sustainable sources beeswax wraps

2 mini / 2 small beeswax wraps combo pack - "Planetary Pollinators"

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Got little things? Like half an onion, avocado, or cucumber to be stored for the next meal? Or a mason jar whose lid ran away with a sock from the dryer? For those little, but crucial things in life, our small-sized, Khala Cloth beeswax wraps will help keep fruits and veggies fresh, and lid-less glass jars from becoming simply vases.

2 Minis (6x6 inches) and 2 smalls (8x7 inches) beeswax-infused food wraps. 

And when you're done, Khala Cloths are washable, reusable, and biodegradable.  From Mother Earth, back to Mother Earth.

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